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Web Development


A modern eco-saas business website, with registration & login functionality for a members dashboard.

Case Study
EcoKaly is a showcase of a modern green-centric tech start-up site. This business model prioritises sustainability and corporate responsibility and actively works towards reducing the corporate carbon footprint.


To design a modern and appealing website for a carbon footprint manager and tracker saas company. Due to the increase in green and environmentally-friendly software, we wanted to create a new and alternative aesthetic for this site.


It was primary in our minds to design & develop a forward-facing "green" design without reliance on traditional "eco" cliches or colour themes. We opted to move away from green tones and paradigms in our design process, focusing instead on delivering the information with clarity, purpose and a modern two tone stylistic approach that incorporates 3D modelling among other trends.


We kept the design clean and minimalist and used soft non-green colours to buck the trend of relying on green tones to communicate Eco-centricity.


We used only sans-serif to communicate a modern corporate brand image, but we softened that edge with the curves of Varela Round for main headings. For the rest of the text we used Open Sans.

Colour Palette

In spurning the use of green we instead decided on the soft lavender and pink tones to evoke a caring ideal using colour.


Unique Buttons

We designed switch buttons conceptualised to draw upon the idea of energy saving.

3D Illustrations

We used 3D models, notably the tree and dashboard representations.

Happy Icons

A consistent icon selection whose "happy" tone parallels that main font and palette.

Clear Sections

Clear informational sections, elegantly designed and well structured. We also used imagery carefully so that it alternated well and broke up the blocks on text content.

Logo Section

We used a simple  logo section, positioned to break up the text content and change the information type being delivered.

Team Section

The team section furthers the happy family brand using both smiling / non-corporate imagery and a polaroid-esque design layout.


We designed a functional footer connecting the user to the businesses social channels.


This site is fully responsive and functionality is consistent across a range of devices.

Mobile Devices

  • Page flow is the same as on larger screens, except the layout is stacked vertically.

Tablet Devices

  • Very similar layout to desktop
  • The contact form remains the same as desktop.
  • The home page is stacked.

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